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4" Insulated Roof

#75xx-4   1 lb Foam Roof Panel

Elite Inter-lock Panels feature a positive lock system with interlocking foam for consistent thermal separation, large internal drain system, and are fully engineered for 3", 4" and 6" thicknesses.

Lengths:  4' - 40'   Widths: 2' & 4'   

Colors: White, Almond, Bronze, Clay, Ivory

#75xxA-4  2 lb Foam Roof Panel

Same as the 1 lb density panel but uses 2 lb density foam.  2 lb foam is used in some cases to achieve greater span capabilities and added insulation value.

Lengths:  4' - 40'   Widths: 2' & 4'   

Colors: White, Almond, Bronze, Clay, Ivory

#7524-4  4” Insulated Roof Wall Channel

Channel used for attaching insulated roof panels to existing wall or fascia.  Thermally broken for a consistent separation between inside and outside surfaces.  Pre-pitched for 3/12 roof slope but can easily accommodate others.

Lengths:  12', 24'   Colors: White, Almond, Bronze, Clay

#7562A  3”/4” Insulated Roof Gutter

Provides a built-in 3”x5” gutter for either the 3” or 4” insulated roof system.  Protects core material from possible damage.  Spline groove along top edges allows for screening to eliminate debris.

Lengths:  12'', 24'   Colors: White, Almond, Bronze

#7572A  3”/4” Insulated Roof Side Fascia

Finishes the sides of the roof and caps the ends of the gutter. Projects above the roof to direct water into the front gutter.  Used only with the #7562A 3”/4” gutter.

Lengths:  12'-6", 25'   Colors: White, Almond, Bronze

#7552-4  4” Insulated Roof Drip Edge Fascia

Extruded trim and closure used on the sides and front of roof.  Duplicates fascia and roof edge profile.  Allows for the application of “K” style residential gutter.  Fascia is flush with TOP of roof. A simple miter at the corners makes for a clean looking installation.

Lengths:  12'-6", 25'   Colors: White, Almond, Bronze, Clay, Ivory

#7565-ADJ-4  4” Insulated Roof Adjustable Ridge Beam

Used to support load and connect panels on a gabled roof. Designed to achieve slopes of 1/12 to 7/12.  Thermally broken for a consistent separation between outside and inside surfaces.

Lengths:  24'   Colors: White

#7904-4  4” Non-Thermal Receiving Channel

4” non thermal receiving channel can be used as a starter channel at the host structure where panels meet the structure at a 90 degree angle.  4” panel fits inside, available in White only.

Lengths:  24'   Colors: White