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Stepdown Awning Angles, Channels & Drip Caps

1x1 angle
#108  1" x 1" 90° Hanging Angle

One of several angles used as a mounting flange where the awning meets the building.

Lengths:  16', 20'   Pcs/Ctn: 50

1x1 angle
#109  1" x 1" 60° Hanging Angle

Pre-bent angle to compensate for pitch on top of window awnings

Lengths:  16'   Pcs/Ctn: 50

hanging angle
#110   1 ¼" x ¾" Hanging Angle

A popular mounting angle for awnings. Versatile due to the 2 different size legs.

Lengths:  16', 20'   Pcs/Ctn: 50

hanging angle with line
#110L   1 ¼" x ¾" Hanging Angle w/ Lines

Same as #110 except this angle has 2 ridges for added stiffness.

Lengths:  16', 20'   Pcs/Ctn: 50

hanging angle with hook
#110A   1 ¼" x 1" Hanging Angle w/ Hook

1.25" x 1" hanging angle with a slight curve on the back side provides additional rigidity when fastening to the host structure.  A popular item among Chicago area awning fabricators.

Lengths:  16', 20'   Pcs/Ctn: 50

extruded angle
#202  1" x 1" Extruded 90° Angle

A heavy extruded angle used often as mounting angle for stepdown patio covers.

Lengths:  16''   Pcs/Ctn: 25

awning hook
#110H   Extruded Awning Hook

“Philadelphia” Style Hinged 2-pc Awning wall mount system consisting of a hinged extruded aluminum channel - hook - and the 110F Awning Flasher. Awning sheet fits inside the wall hanger and is part of the awning. The Awning Hook+Flasher combination allows for simple Drop-In installation of the awning.

Lengths:  24'  Pcs/Ctn: 20

awning flasher
#110F   Extruded Awning Flasher

Wall mounted attachment for the 2-pc "Philadelphia" style Hinged Awning Mount.  Used with wither the #112A Extruded Rafter Hanger or the #110H Extruded Awning Hook.

Lengths:  24'   Pcs/Ctn: 10

awning drip cap
#142  2" Aluminum Drip Cap

A great addition to door hoods and covers, eliminates water runoff on steps.

Lengths:  20'  Pcs/Ctn: 20

awning gutter
#138   3" Aluminum Patio Gutter

Used on step down patio covers and large door canopies. End caps and downspouts also available.

Lengths:  24'   Pcs/Ctn: 24

1x1 u channel
#113  .040 1" x 1"  U Channel

Used in awning fabrication to accept 1" lockseam tube for front bar.

Lengths:  16', 20', 24'  Pcs/Ctn: 25

extruded u channel
#207  1 ½" x 1 ½"  Extruded U Channel

A heavy extruded channel, commonly used as a base for 1 1/2" tubes & columns.  Available in Black, Brown and White.

Lengths:  21'   Pcs/Ctn: 24

half inch u channel
#103  ½" x ½" U Channel

Used to finish edges and join tops and sides of awning. Available in all 22 awning sheet colors!

Lengths:  16'  Pcs/Ctn: 50      Click for Colors

half inch rivit angle
#104  ½" Rivit Angle

Used to join top and sides of awnings with split rivits. 

Lengths:  16'   Pcs/Ctn: 50