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Stepdown Awning Braces & Connectors

tri corner brace
#121  Tri Corner Brace

Used to join 1" lockseam tubes at front of awning without a mitred cut. Very strong and fast as there is no need to mitre tubes, a simple square cut is all that is required.

Lengths:  -  Pcs/Ctn: 500

tube brace tie
#122  1" Tube Brace Tie

Used to fasten two pieces of 1" tube at right angles.

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 1000  

Tube Brace w/ Tabs
#12201  1" Tube Brace w/ Tabs

Used to fasten two pieces of 1" tube at right angles.  This brace has two additional tabs for added strength.

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 1000    

10 inch Brace Tie
#123  10" Brace Tie

Used to connect 1" tube top braces to front bar for added strength.

Lengths:  10"   Pcs/Ctn: 100

Tube Wall Bracket
#124   1" Tube Wall Bracket

An adjustable wall bracket for attaching tube wall braces, fits inside 1" lockseam tubing.  Mill finish only

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 500    

Bel Aire Rail Wall Clip
#12401  Bel Aire Rail Wall Clip

Adjustable wall clip used to fasten side rail support to house wall on the Bel Aire awning.

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 500

Tube Swivel Bracket
#125  1" Tube Swivel Bracket

Aluminum swivel casting allows for infinite vertical adjustment, 1" tube fits over the end.

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 25    

Inside Corner Insert
#412  1" Inside Corner Insert

Used to join mitered 1" lockseam tubes at front of awnings, makes a strong and neat connection.

Lengths:  -   Pcs/Ctn: 100