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Commercial Aluminum Building Products

Keep out the rain & snow with an overhead supported loading dock cover, create an open walkway cover, an enclosed breezeway between two buildings, or make a bold statement with custom Architectural aluminum extrusions.  Crest Aluminum continues to supply the commercial industry with innovative building products backed by our exceptional customer service.  Our commercial aluminum building products are pre-engineered to meet or exceed most building codes and can be made to your exact specifications.  Call us today and someone will gladly assist you in selecting the best product for your next project.

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Overhead Canopies & Loading Dock Covers

Simple. Affordable. Effective. Versatile.

Crest ULTRA 700 Series canopies combine the robust strength and durability of an all extruded aluminum perimeter with roll formed aluminum decking, providing an easy to install, long lasting, cost effective solution. Adaptable to fit many different projections and capable of virtually any width, this system of pre-drilled powder coated plates and brackets coupled with extruded aluminum tension and compression struts will provide years of maintenance free protection from the elements. Avoid delays and keep your project on time with our industry leading fast lead times.

Shortest lead times in the industry with standard colors available in 2-3 weeks or less!

Designed to your specifications with heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter, fascia and extruded 2"x2" compression and tension struts.

Cost effective solutions that are adaptable to fit many different projections and capable of virtually any width..

crest aluminum products co, inc

Walkway Covers

Why run in the rain when you can walk in comfort?

Pedestrian traffic is often overlooked, compromising the safety and comfort of your own employees, customers, or residents.  Protection from the elements doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or disruptive.  With a walkway cover from Crest Aluminum, walking in the rain to get from one building to another is history.  Walkway covers also give you the ability to add on temporary side wall curtains or more permanent side walls with several options to choose from.
crest aluminum products co, inc

Custom Architectural Extrusions

If you can imagine it, we will make it a reality...

Because standard, "off the shelf" profiles sometimes just aren't exactly what you are looking for, Crest Aluminum offers custom architectural extrusion design, production, and fabrication services.  Working with a world-leading aluminum extruder, we are able to offer our customers a personalized service that is second to none.  Whether you want to duplicate an existing profile or create something new, we will work side-by-side with you from pencil sketch to finished product.
The Custom Extrusion Process

Submit Your Idea!

Getting started with a new idea can be difficult.  Crest Aluminum is ready to help you take the next step.

Design & Development

We will work side by side with you to develop a cost-effective solution that will make your project a success.

Fabricate New Die

Working with a world class custom extruder, we are able to provide the most accurate custom aluminum profiles.

Extrude & Finish Product

Finished by paint or anodization, this is the most exciting part of the process seeing your vision become a reality.