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Overhead Supported Loading Dock Covers

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When it comes to keeping out the rain & snow wiith an overhead supported loading dock cover, our pre-engineered system is light weight, easy to install, and effective.  Adaptable to fit many different projections and capable of virtually any width, this system of pre-drilled powder coated plates and brackets coupled with extruded aluminum tension and compression struts is sure to provide you with years of maintenence free protection from the elements. 

Keep your loading docks Safer, Cleaner, and more Productive

 Overhead Support Kit Features


• 6061 T-6 Aluminum Upper and Lower Brackets

• 6061 T-6 Aluminum Gusset Plates pre-drilled for 3/8" fasteners.

• 6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum Compression/Tension Struts.

• Used with the following Ultra 700 Series covers:

Ultra 700 Series Full Perimeter

Ultra 700 Series Gutter Front & Back