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ULTRA 700 Series Extruded & Suburb-A-Port Roll Formed Covers - Legendary quality, all at a price to fit your budget.  Ask today about our Patented Canvalum® Canopy, "the best looking awning in the neighborhood."

Extruded Perimeter Styles

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"J" Hanging Rail                  

  • • Exclusive Crest Aluminum 2pc “J”  Hanging Rail provides a strong “hinged” mounting system
  • • Extra heavy extruded perimeter
  • • Build on the ground or on the wall, and tilt up to proper elevation
  • • Neoprene gasket inside of mounting rail prevents leaking along mounting rail eliminating call backs
    • Optional 4” skylite panels are available upon request





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Gutter Front & Back            

  • • Extra heavy extruded aluminum perimeter with built-in gutter on front and back
    • No need to drill holes, pans are pre-punched!
    • Cover can be drained at front or back
    • Neoprene gasket and gutter end plugs included.
    • Optional 4” skylite panels are available upon request
    • Commonly used as a Commercial Canopy where spouting will be run along the building wall.





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Full Perimeter             

  • • Extra heavy extruded 3"x5" Gutter on all 4 sides
    • Units feature mitred and welded corners
    • Allows for drainage at the front or back of the unit
    • An excellent choice for Car Ports, Walkway, & Dock Covers.
    • Optional 4” skylite panels are available upon request





All ULTRA700 Series covers include stainless steel fasteners for installation of roof panels & color matched fasteners for assembling the perimeter.