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Screen Room Extrusions

#437  2"x2" Extruded Enclosure Frame

Used as the major upright for construction of screen or glass enclosures. Features an extra deep kickpanel groove and serrated spline channel to ensure screen fabric stays tight. Made of 6063-T6 Aluminum alloy for extra strength.

Lengths:  24'   Pcs/Ctn: 8   Colors: White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Clay

#437D  2"x2" Door Frame Adapter

Fits on 2"x2" enclosure frame and provides a 3 1/2" jamb for mounting doors and door closures or windows. Not a required item, but well worth it for better appearance and ease of installation. 

Lengths:  7'  Pcs/Ctn: 1   Colors: White

#438   2"x2" Extruded Outside Corner

Provides a strong and clean corner for enclosures and eliminates the need to join sections together, recomended for onsite construction. Made of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy for added strength.

Lengths:  16'   Pcs/Ctn: 8   Colors: White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Clay

#438i   2"x2" Extruded Inside Corner

This section gives you an "inside" corner without having to jury rig several pieces together, a very heavy part with .080 wall thickness. Build a room and then screen it from inside, very handy on second floor porches.

Lengths: 16'   Pcs/Ctn: 1   Colors: Brown

#439   1"x2" Extruded Kick Panel Mullion

Used as a horizontal section to cap kick panel and begin screen section, has double screen and spline grooves, also used as an upright frame on some light applications. Made of 6063-T6 aluminum alloy for added strength.

Lengths:  20'  Pcs/Ctn: 9   Colors: White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Clay

#440   1"x2" Extruded Enclosure Frame

Used inside the #441 1"x2" expander at the top and bottom of the wall. Opening prevents rocking on expander fasteners. (2) screw bosses allow this part to be square cut and assembled into panels with leader screws and mulled together with #446 "H" channel.

Lengths:  24'   Pcs/Ctn: 12   Colors: White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Clay

#441  1"x2" Extruded Expander Channel

Our expander is designed with a 3/4" front leg and a 1" back leg, this exposes the screen spline groove on the #440 1"x2" frame and also helps prevent water from backing up into room, ribs on bottom promote good sealant adhesion. 6063-T6 alloy

Lengths:  20'   Pcs/Ctn: 12   Colors: White, Black, Brown, Bronze, Clay

#75-60601  2" Extruded "H" Channel

Accepts #440 1"x2" or #437 2"x2" frames when building screen panels, front face is 1.57" and allows access to screen spline groove after installation to make repairs easier, rear face is 2". 6063-T6 aluminum alloy.

Lengths:  24'   Pcs/Ctn: 1   Colors: White, Almond, Bronze, Clay

#411   1" Roll Formed Screen Frame

1" x 1" Square rollformed aluminum screen frame.

Lengths:  16'   Pcs/Ctn: 30   Colors: White, Bronze, Clay


A compact sized hand sample helps to visualize how different components go together while providing accurate samples of all of the available colors.